Who is Luna? Where is she? Why is this all your fault? Venture into a cursed land and find more about this mystery!

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute
(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

Game made By Roberto Romão

Original version https://roberto-romao.itch.io/lunas-heart


This Amazing World 
by Dolphin-Mind

Drafty Places, Dreamy Game, Into Battle
by Eric Matyas 


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I played him in armorgames and loved him but in the end you can go to the boss without killing the four that appear and you can't get out of the red world

nice, maybe not everyones cup of tea but I liked it, I like the other one too, shame they both crash alot.

Great little JRPG. It's a bit too grindy and long for me to play all the way through in my browser, though. I also think players should be able to pick up items even if they don't have the quest for them yet. This cuts down on backtracking, which also adds to the fatigue of the game. This would be a great RPG on a platform like the NES!

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!Attention! (I'm from Russia. Contains many grammar errors)

I completed the game. What Can I say? This is a simple JRPG, which contains some pretty mechanics(For Example: Different weapons gain you different skills). Pixelart is bad, but I think you will make your skills better! Soundtrack is good( My favourite- final theme after completing the game)