A land covered in darkness and strange shadows lurking in every corner!
Who is Luna? Help our friend Lods find her and learn more about what happened in this kingdom...

Game made for Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam!!  :D

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute

(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

About the weapons
Sword dmg is based on Attack 
Staff dmg is based on Attack and Faith
Axe dmg is based on Attack and Defense
Flute dmg is based on Faith
Tear of Joy Heal is based on Faith
Rosario Heal is based on Faith

A special thanks to Eric Matyas for the soundtrack!


PS: If you find any bug or grammar error, please let me know!


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nice mice game :P

-After you defeat the evil lover and restart the game: You get 3 Stats to upgrade, have the same level and in the fight the same equip.
-You're still invincible with the shield.

It's a nice mice game.

About the shield

I decided to not change the game mechanics until the vote ends =) , instead I'm thinking on continue the game after!
(and the shield would be a good choice for noobs hahaha ;D)

You can give the shield a limit to the blocked damage. (2x/3x Defense) Or make it useless after X damage or X uses.

I don't think it's noobish when People use the game mech. to kill everything in there way without getting hurt. (As Player you didn't realize that this game mech. is to overpowert. And it's hard to change back in the midgame.)

The other damage equip are strange too. The axe made less damage then the sword, and the staff would kill myself when I use it.  (I only upgraded my Atk-Stat, so that's part of the problem.)

I made a huge mistake not put a better explanation to the equipments!
By the way here a quicky explanation!
Axe dmg = Attack + Def
Staff -> your Faith will reduce the dmg the staff cause you

About the shield, I was thinking in something like you said or a little extra life bar, but i will change that after the voting period!

if you pass this way and keep walking you can skip this fight

if you pass this way and keep walking you can skip this fight

): i guess I can't fix it now ( is not a crash bug) so i guess you find a new way to stealth hahaha

(1 edit)

yay i can skp those fights =)

If it try to move diagonally the animation freeze  while i'm moving up or down

Oh.. D:

Well diagonal walk is not implemented, just 4  directions! :)

(1 edit)

I fought vs. the first knight. After I lost against him and respawned. I talked again to him and the game froze.

Thanks for let me know! I will fix it right now!

its till not fixed i got the same bug D:


- When you heal yourself, you enter a defending position, which absorbs 2 rounds of damage. If you heal yourself a few times in the beginning, you're invincible.

- When you're dealing too much damage, the game will restart. (around 35-40 damage)

Wow o.0 
Ok let check this!

(: i did some bugs fixes, please take a try if you can!

This fixed the first fight. But in the second fight I now can't do anything. I can select the buttons, but I can't press them.