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Welcome to Entera, a land purged by war, famine, plague and shadows...

Entera: Shadow Islands is a Table Top Role Playing system, designed for 1-4 players.


Entera is a kingdom divided between 3 nobles who want to claim the crown. The land is tired and starving; bandits and thieves plunder and pillage here and there. Mercenaries are hired from distant lands to help locals to survive.

This is a human-centered world, so the game focus on putting you inside this dark world. No other fantasy races or magical creatures are present (yet), only humans and the monsters inside them.

Although magic exists in this world, only a few skilled individuals can use it. 
Others  rely on their personal and combat skills. 

Some Factions can help the Player gain more skills to survive.


  • Simple d6 (6-sided dice) system
  • Combat and Non-Combat interactions
  • Factions
  • Adventure Modules to start your own quest!

Entera and Adventure Modules were based on the following games:

  • Ascension
  • Entera: The Decay
  • A Shard of Mine
  • Path of Atlon
  • Battle for Entera
  • Magi: Venandi


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Entera_ShadowIslands_Ruleset_1.0.pdf 3 MB
Entera_AdventureModule_1_ThievesintheDark.pdf 1 MB
Map_AdventureModule1_ThievesintheDark.pdf 618 kB


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