Entera is a kingdom divided and weakened by 3 warlords

But this is going to chance, York the exiled prince has returned from the Dark Islands and will free his land! 

This game was made for LowRezJam 2018 

How to play
On the map, just click a location (dark squares) to choose where to attack!
A small preview map will be displayed showing how the battle will begin
Choose carefully!

Click and drag your soldier to the available positions (green and yellow squares) 
Green squares grant a move and yellow squares mean combat!
Since you study the art of war you know the enemy weakness! 

Soldiers do more damage to Archers
Archers do more damage to Mages
Mages do more damage to Soldiers

By pressing [Esc] the menu will pop up letting you reset the stage or back to the main menu 
(Sometimes some enemy bug positions occur so just reset the stage!)

The game has no victory condition by now but conquers all the stages cont as it! 

PS: I will work on some bug fixes while the voting is still up!

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRoberto Romao
Made withConstruct
TagsLOWREZJAM, Pixel Art


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There are certain levels where the AI not only move multiple units at once but also moves some of them offscreen, making them impossible to kill and softlocking the game