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que coincidencia justo vi este juego en newgrounds XD

So I've adored this series (primarily because I've played the two previous games through CoolMathGames on an iPad) but I've gotten stuck on 3. I can't activate the switch. Is it that it's not ready for iPads/Mobile yet, or is it a bug?

Sorry for taking this long to answer ! And sorry again for this bug, I hope it didn't ruin your overall experience!

Maybe this is a bug, I test it on mobile some times =/  
That said, the Coolmath version is fully tested and works fine on mobile, so I would recommend you try it :)

how do you do it on coolmaths mobile? I’m stuck


Hi There! I was actually kind of interested in this game, so I was wondering if you wanted to do a collab for a fourth game. Already made the cover art to give you the general idea :)

I wouldn't be able to work on it 100 % of the time since I am in school, but in could be a fun little side project.

Email me back at if you're interested.



93 leaves, 6 friends and 2 keys left

I think I've checked every place and can't find the missing 7 leaves and extra locked doors to open

Oh well, nice game nonetheless :D

won't load =/