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yay halloween

Good game! the addition of costumes makes this game a metroidvania :)

However it looks like there are some bugs. These are what I've found:

1. TVON doesn't give any candy after completing his quest

2. Collecting Candies beyond 105 will cause candy counter to turn into Candy 0/5 and key image disappear. Key can still be used even though the image disappear

3. After the bug #2 above, accessing Home is impossible. Chat can touch it without any response

I know Home arrow is how to end the game cause I accidentally touched it before

Speaking of key, Spooky Blvd does have gate but it doesn't seem to require any key

That being said, it's a good metroidvania :). The secret path is really tough. I wish it has better reward at the end but it's rewarding to find it though :)