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Cool graphics! I had a bug after encountering the 50 health guy where all the subsequent enemies had 0 health

Cool atmosphere, especially the music! I completely ruined the game though, first I didn't understand the battle system, just pressed J, and battle ended (I didn't see that there were some numbers somewhere on the screen that changed), then I realized I was selecting an attack from the menu, but it was too late - my health dropped to 5, and now I'm losing the next battle immediately before I get a chance of pressing anything, and health isn't restored. :(

I fix the bug, try again if u had some time :)

And thx for the feedback!

Better now, though I had the opposite issue now: I had heal selected (not sure if it matters), and I just press J and immediately win each battle?? First battles worked, though were apparently real-time, which doesn't mix good with menu-based controls.

But the reason I'm stuck this time is this:

I can't escape, can't attack, can either stand and do nothing or restart the battle (to then stand and do nothing)...

=(  sh*t

I can`t fix it that much for Jam rules.... I really sorry for that >_<

I will try to fix it after the vote ends!

But THANK you for your time ! =) I really appreciate your help!